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More Americans Concerned With Retirement

According to a recent study from Financial Finesse, an increasing number of Americans are becoming more concerned, and in-turn better prepared for their retirement. Unfortunately, the number of those worried about being financially stable enough to retire comfortably remains quite high. The study found that 42% of survey participants are concerned they will not have saved enough money to reach their future financial goals The study said, “with the increased urgency, employees overall are becoming more proactive about their financial planning and making improvements in areas that support their long-term financial security.” More here

About Towne Nursing:

Since 1991, Towne Nursing Staff, Inc. has been a leader in the nursing home staffing industry. Our dedicated team of certified RNs, LPNs, CNAs, CHHAs, and Orderlies is available around the clock for nursing homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. With main offices in Brooklyn, NY, and Lakewood, NJ, Towne also maintains auxiliary offices in Queens, the Bronx, and Connecticut, for the convenience of our clients and staff members.

Recognizing the need for qualified care in a home setting, Towne Nursing Agency created the New Jersey Home Care division in 2007. When a patient needs that extra bit of personal attention at home or anywhere else, our Certified Home Health Aides are available to provide quality personal care under the direction of Registered Nurses. Additionally, our team of licensed nurses is available to provide respite and home care to New Jersey patients who require skilled nursing services. Towne Nursing has recently added Therapy Solutions to its list of professional services.

Here at Towne, we've built lasting relationships with nursing facilities, home care professionals, and medical personnel. Our clients and employees appreciate us, and have learned that they can count on Towne for excellence.

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